March 9th Birthdays

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March 9th, 1996 (March 09 1996)BirthDarsheel Safary, Youngest Indian actor to win filmfare award for best performance
March 9th, 1987 (March 09 1987)BirthBow Wow, American rapper and actor
March 9th, 1986 (March 09 1986)BirthBrittany Snow, American actress
March 9th, 1985 (March 09 1985)BirthParthiv Patel, Indian Cricket Player
March 9th, 1984 (March 09 1984)BirthJulia Mancuso, American Olympic gold medalist
March 9th, 1983 (March 09 1983)BirthClint Dempsey, American footballer
March 9th, 1983 (March 09 1983)BirthMaite Perroni, singer in the Latin pop group RBD
March 9th, 1983 (March 09 1983)BirthWayne Simien, American basketball player
March 9th, 1982 (March 09 1982)BirthPaul Ballard, English television presenter
March 9th, 1981 (March 09 1981)BirthAntonio Bryant, American football player
March 9th, 1981 (March 09 1981)BirthAnders Nohr, Danish footballer
March 9th, 1981 (March 09 1981)BirthClay Rapada, American baseball player
March 9th, 1980 (March 09 1980)BirthMatthew Gray Gubler, American actor, film director, sketch artist, and former fashion model.
March 9th, 1979 (March 09 1979)BirthChingy, American rapper
March 9th, 1979 (March 09 1979)BirthMelina Perez, WWE Diva
March 9th, 1978 (March 09 1978)BirthLucas Neill, Australian footballer
March 9th, 1977 (March 09 1977)BirthYamila Diaz, Argentine supermodel
March 9th, 1977 (March 09 1977)BirthRadek Dvorak, Czech hockey player
March 9th, 1976 (March 09 1976)BirthThor Halvorssen, human rights activist
March 9th, 1976 (March 09 1976)BirthBen Mulroney, Canadian television host
March 9th, 1975 (March 09 1975)BirthRoy Makaay, Dutch footballer
March 9th, 1975 (March 09 1975)BirthJuan Sebastian Veron, Argentine footballer
March 9th, 1973 (March 09 1973)BirthAaron Boone, American baseball player
March 9th, 1972 (March 09 1972)BirthSpencer Howson, Australian radio broadcaster
March 9th, 1972 (March 09 1972)BirthKerr Smith, American actor
March 9th, 1971 (March 09 1971)BirthEmmanuel Lewis, American actor
March 9th, 1971 (March 09 1971)BirthC Miller, American rapper
March 9th, 1971 (March 09 1971)BirthDiego Torres, Argentine singer
March 9th, 1970 (March 09 1970)BirthMartin Johnson, English rugby playerJohn Martin Quotes
March 9th, 1970 (March 09 1970)BirthShannon Leto, American drummer and occasional actor (30 Seconds to Mars)
March 9th, 1969 (March 09 1969)BirthMahmoud Abdul-Rauf, American basketball player
March 9th, 1969 (March 09 1969)BirthStefie Shock, Quebec singer and songwriter
March 9th, 1968 (March 09 1968)BirthYouri Djorkaeff, French footballer
March 9th, 1968 (March 09 1968)BirthJohnny Kelly, American drummer (Type O Negative)
March 9th, 1966 (March 09 1966)BirthBrendan Canty, American musician (Fugazi)
March 9th, 1966 (March 09 1966)BirthTony Lockett, Australian Rules Footballer
March 9th, 1966 (March 09 1966)BirthMichael Patrick MacDonald, American memorist
March 9th, 1965 (March 09 1965)BirthBrian Bosworth, American football player
March 9th, 1965 (March 09 1965)BirthBenito Santiago, Puerto Rican baseball player
March 9th, 1964 (March 09 1964)BirthJuliette Binoche, French actress
March 9th, 1964 (March 09 1964)BirthPhil Housley, American ice hockey player
March 9th, 1964 (March 09 1964)BirthHerbert Fandel, German football referee
March 9th, 1963 (March 09 1963)BirthSean Salisbury, American football player
March 9th, 1963 (March 09 1963)BirthTerry Mulholland, American baseball player
March 9th, 1963 (March 09 1963)BirthDavid Pogue, Technology columnist and musician
March 9th, 1962 (March 09 1962)BirthJan Furtok, Polish footballer
March 9th, 1961 (March 09 1961)BirthMike Leach, American college football coach
March 9th, 1961 (March 09 1961)BirthRobert Rechsteiner, US professional wrestler (Rick Steiner)
March 9th, 1961 (March 09 1961)BirthCamryn Manheim, American actress
March 9th, 1960 (March 09 1960)BirthLinda Fiorentino, American actress
March 9th, 1958 (March 09 1958)BirthMartin Fry, English pop singer (ABC)
March 9th, 1958 (March 09 1958)BirthJack Kenny, American television writer and producer
March 9th, 1957 (March 09 1957)BirthMark Mancina, American composer
March 9th, 1957 (March 09 1957)BirthFaith Daniels, American journalist
March 9th, 1957 (March 09 1957)BirthMona Sahlin, Swedish politician
March 9th, 1956 (March 09 1956)BirthShashi Tharoor, Indian author & United Nations Under-Secretary GeneralShashi Tharoor Quotes
March 9th, 1956 (March 09 1956)BirthDavid Willetts, UK Shadow Secretary for Education (Conservative)
March 9th, 1955 (March 09 1955)BirthTeo Fabi, Italian racing driver
March 9th, 1955 (March 09 1955)BirthOrnella Muti, Italian actress
March 9th, 1954 (March 09 1954)BirthBobby Sands, IRA member (died in 1981)
March 9th, 1951 (March 09 1951)BirthMichael Kinsley, American journalist and editor
March 9th, 1951 (March 09 1951)BirthHelen Zille, South African politician
March 9th, 1950 (March 09 1950)BirthDoug Ault, baseball player (died in 2004)
March 9th, 1950 (March 09 1950)BirthDanny Sullivan, American race car driver
March 9th, 1949 (March 09 1949)BirthTapani Kansa, Finnish singer
March 9th, 1948 (March 09 1948)BirthJeffrey Osborne, American singer
March 9th, 1948 (March 09 1948)BirthEmma Bonino, Italian politician
March 9th, 1947 (March 09 1947)BirthKeri Hulme, New Zealandic writer
March 9th, 1946 (March 09 1946)BirthJim Cregan, British rock musician
March 9th, 1945 (March 09 1945)BirthRobert Calvert, English singer (Hawkwind) (died in 1988)
March 9th, 1945 (March 09 1945)BirthDennis Rader, American serial killer
March 9th, 1945 (March 09 1945)BirthRobin Trower, British rock musician
March 9th, 1943 (March 09 1943)BirthBobby Fischer, American chess player (died in 2008)Bobby Fischer Quotes
March 9th, 1943 (March 09 1943)BirthCharles Gibson, American television journalist
March 9th, 1943 (March 09 1943)BirthTrish Van Devere, American actress
March 9th, 1943 (March 09 1943)BirthColin Murdock, American voice actor
March 9th, 1942 (March 09 1942)BirthJohn Cale, Welsh musician (The Velvet Underground)
March 9th, 1942 (March 09 1942)BirthMark Lindsay, American singer/musician (Paul Revere & The Raiders)
March 9th, 1941 (March 09 1941)BirthErnesto Miranda, American litigant (died in 1976)
March 9th, 1940 (March 09 1940)BirthRaul Julia, Puerto Rican actor (died in 1994)
March 9th, 1938 (March 09 1938)BirthLill-Babs, Swedish singer
March 9th, 1937 (March 09 1937)BirthBernard Landry, Premier of Quebec from 2001-2003
March 9th, 1937 (March 09 1937)BirthBrian Redman, English racing driver
March 9th, 1936 (March 09 1936)BirthTom Sestak, American football player (died in 1987)
March 9th, 1936 (March 09 1936)BirthMickey Gilley, American musician and singerEric Gill Quotes
March 9th, 1935 (March 09 1935)BirthAndrew Viterbi, American telecommunications scientist and businessman
March 9th, 1934 (March 09 1934)BirthYuri Gagarin, Soviet cosmonaut (died in 1968)Yuri Gagarin Quotes
March 9th, 1934 (March 09 1934)BirthDel Close, American actor, improviser, writer, and teacher (died in 1999)
March 9th, 1934 (March 09 1934)BirthMarlene Streit, Canadian golfer
March 9th, 1934 (March 09 1934)BirthJoyce Van Patten, American actress
March 9th, 1933 (March 09 1933)BirthMel Lastman, Canadian politicianMel Lastman Quotes
March 9th, 1933 (March 09 1933)BirthLloyd Price, American singer
March 9th, 1932 (March 09 1932)BirthKeely Smith, American singer
March 9th, 1932 (March 09 1932)BirthWalter Mercado, Puerto Rican astrologist and actor
March 9th, 1931 (March 09 1931)BirthThore Skogman, Swedish entertainer (died in 2007)
March 9th, 1930 (March 09 1930)BirthOrnette Coleman, American musician
March 9th, 1929 (March 09 1929)BirthDesmond Hoyte, Prime Minister and President of Guyana (died in 2002)
March 9th, 1928 (March 09 1928)BirthGerald Bull, Canadian long range artillery designer (died in 1990)
March 9th, 1923 (March 09 1923)BirthWalter Kohn, Austrian-born physicist, recipient of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry
March 9th, 1921 (March 09 1921)BirthCarl Betz, American actor (died in 1978)
March 9th, 1921 (March 09 1921)BirthDimitris Horn, Greek actor (died in 1998)
March 9th, 1918 (March 09 1918)BirthGeorge Lincoln Rockwell, founder and leader of the American Nazi Party (died in 1967)George Ade Quotes
March 9th, 1918 (March 09 1918)BirthMickey Spillane, American writer (died in 2006)Mickey Spillane Quotes
March 9th, 1915 (March 09 1915)BirthJohnnie Johnson, British fighter pilot (died in 2001)
March 9th, 1910 (March 09 1910)BirthSamuel Barber, American composer (died in 1981)
March 9th, 1909 (March 09 1909)BirthDerk Bodde, American sinologist (died in 2003)
March 9th, 1904 (March 09 1904)BirthPaul Klipsch, American engineer, noted for his loudspeaker designs. (died in 2002)
March 9th, 1902 (March 09 1902)BirthWill Geer, American actor (died in 1978)
March 9th, 1900 (March 09 1900)BirthHoward Aiken, American computing pioneer (died in 1973)
March 9th, 1900 (March 09 1900)BirthTomislav II of Croatia, 4th Duke of Aosta, Italian aristocrat (died in 1948)
March 9th, 1894 (March 09 1894)BirthFrank Arnau, German writer (died in 1976)
March 9th, 1892 (March 09 1892)BirthVita Sackville-West, English writer and gardener (died in 1962)
March 9th, 1890 (March 09 1890)BirthVyacheslav Molotov, Russian politician (died in 1986)Vyacheslav Molotov Quotes
March 9th, 1887 (March 09 1887)BirthPhil Mead, English cricketeer (died in 1958)
March 9th, 1887 (March 09 1887)BirthFritz Lenz, German geneticist (died in 1976)
March 9th, 1856 (March 09 1856)BirthEddie Foy, American singer and dancer (died in 1928)
March 9th, 1839 (March 09 1839)BirthPhoebe Knapp, American hymn writer (died in 1908)
March 9th, 1825 (March 09 1825)BirthAlexander F. Mozhaiski, Russian aviation pioneer (died in 1890)
March 9th, 1820 (March 09 1820)BirthSamuel Blatchford, Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (died in 1893)
March 9th, 1815 (March 09 1815)BirthDavid Davis, Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court (died in 1886)
March 9th, 1814 (March 09 1814)BirthTaras Shevchenko, Ukrainian poet (died in 1861)
March 9th, 1806 (March 09 1806)BirthEdwin Forrest, American actor and philanthropist (died in 1872)
March 9th, 1763 (March 09 1763)BirthWilliam Cobbett, English journalist and author (died in 1835)William Cobbett Quotes
March 9th, 1758 (March 09 1758)BirthFranz Joseph Gall, German neuroscientist (died in 1828)
March 9th, 1753 (March 09 1753)BirthJean-Baptiste Kleber, French general (died in 1800)
March 9th, 1749 (March 09 1749)BirthHonore Mirabeau, French writer and politician (died in 1791)
March 9th, 1737 (March 09 1737)BirthJosef Myslivecek, Czech composer (died in 1781)
March 9th, 1720 (March 09 1720)BirthPhilip Yorke, 2nd Earl of Hardwicke, English politician (died in 1790)
March 9th, 1629 (March 09 1629)BirthTsar Alexis I of Russia (died in 1676)
March 9th, 1568 (March 09 1568)BirthAloysius Gonzaga, Italian saint (died in 1591)
March 9th, 1564 (March 09 1564)BirthDavid Fabricius, German astronomer (died in 1617)
March 9th, 1454 (March 09 1454)BirthAmerigo Vespucci, Italian explorer and cartographer (died in 1512)
March 9th, 1285 (March 09 1285)BirthEmperor Go-Nijo of Japan (died in 1318)
March 9th, 1213 (March 09 1213)BirthHugh IV, Duke of Burgundy, French crusader (died in 1271)

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